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W h o   i s   i t   f o r  ?

By spending years dancing in clubs, festivals and rave parties, I've noticed that many party people dance spaced out, disconnected from their body. It's often due to drugs and/or alcohol consumption, so that we dance to escape somewhere else. But tripping, being high and going to another world can be very destabilising, desorientating, when we are not grounded enough. As some dimensions in the astral plane are populated by energy predatory entities, better not to travel anywhere like a tourist!


Dancing to have fun and to keep fit, that's good, dancing by being grounded, mindful and fully empowered, it's a step forward towards Self-realisation.


Therefore, this workshop is especially aimed at all those who've enjoyed rave and club culture, and who've always found a destination beyond party while dancing to electronic music.


The practice is rooted in ecstatic dance, but the purpose is to discover ecstasy without drugs


If you feel that dancing is part of your spiritual awakening, this workshop is for you!

R h y t h m   a s   t h e   a n c h o r   p o i n t

It's not so much a question of technique; it's a question of presence.

No matter how you move, what is important is to put your attention to the sensations moving through your body.


The basics are simple: technically, the only rule is to settle your feet into the beat, as rhythm is the vehicle for rooting.


This "four-on-the-floor" discipline is the anchor to the present moment. Keeping your feet within the focus of the rhythm gives you the structure to create your own free dance.


Each foot marking each beat should be something natural for the body, but we have our heads in the clouds so often that this basis might need to be relearned.


Thus, I'm keen to teach you how to ground your feet in the rhythm, so that all the rest of your being is free to explore & express its creativity, to release its emotions, and safely access some higher dimensions.


The anchor in the rhythm is the anchor in the Earth. It's a very simple way to get out of our heads and to bring us back to our bodies, to the "here & now".


Once our feet are settled into the beat, the root chakra is open, and the kundalini is awakened. The circular energy of the groove rises through the body, and it becomes natural to let ourselves flow into the spiral movement. By surrendering to its fluidity we can descend into our depths to break free of the blocks, inner hindrances and other limiting beliefs which stop our true Self to express its innate grace.


The right, natural healing movement springs from our innards, and we enjoy the spontaneity of the free dancer inside us; we radiate outside what is at the heart of the heart.

W h a t   k i n d   o f   m u s i c  ?

For the same reasons that the Spirit must not be separated from the Matter, dancing to access our divine part shouldn't particularly require some sacred, spiritual music.

This is why we dance to a Dj set similar to the ones you can hear on the current (good) dancefloors, but with a Dj-sorcerer who's keen to raise our vibes and serve the holistic purpose. This means a playlist conceived in terms of energy, frequencies and vibrations. Our DJ is mindful that certain frequencies have a beneficial effect on our physical and subtle bodies.

W h a t   d o   w e   d o  ?

H o w     d o e s     i t     w o r k  ?

The workshop unfolds in the following way (non exhaustive content):

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  1. We start with a moment of exchanges during which you can introduce yourself, express your intentions, and what you'd like to release through dance. Then a 10 minutes guided meditation practice invites you to let go of the mental chatter, and to focus your consciousness in the hara.


  2. Warm up: 20 minutes to get in touch with your body.

    We do a few movements inspired by sophrology and longo to awaken and harmonise the energy flow, to coordinate the left and the right brain hemispheres.


  3. Physical dance:

    Breathing. Listening. Body awareness, spatial awareness, music awareness.

    Rooting in the beat, connection with the Earth, pelvis in motion to keep your consciousness in the hara. Movement symmetry, harmonisation of your yin-yang polarities.

    Consciousness of the right and natural movement. Give birth to each movement, let it grow, and die. Travel through each part of the universe-body.

    Physical dance is the art of being fluid in your body, to follow the flow of your own energy, to be both receptive to the inner and outer worlds.

4. Emotional dance:

Welcome, feel and release your emotions through your movements, through your voice (jam, shout, sing over the music...)

Catharsis dance inspired by butô. You explore your emotions as energy, as power, as part of being human. I'll give you some special instructions to feel and understand the movements coming from your emotional body.


5. Meditative dance:

Slow down, go into micro-movements, open a new pathway by exploring your inner space.

Connection with the subconscious. Mantra practice to stimulate and harmonise your chakras.

Meditative dance is the dance of stillness, an inward-moving meditation practice to lead you to the heart of the heart, where everything is peaceful and serene.

We end with a moment of silence, centering ourselves, to strenghten the benefits of the practice.

NB: We dance barefoot.


In each dance, you can set up a specific intention, moving in consciousness of what you sow in the Earth, or what you ask the Sky.


The workshop varies from moments of guidance to moments of free dance.

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