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J E L A    &    E V A   D.   L Y S I D  

There is no source

Against the river

No more worry

No more tear

Nothing nasty

That I hear

Since I know you


There is a sun

Across the water

There is a sun

Sounding end of winter

Death of gloom

Its gleam is killing

Sense of impending doom

I'm glad to see you

The glee to see you !


We're swallows in the sun

Our spring has just begun


We're swallows in the sun

Spring has just begun

Don't swallow the gun


Your wedding seed

Amongst the flowers

My guard of Eden

Your skin as haven

Brings heaven

In my hands


Authentique aurore boréale,  Islande,  2016   (© Hallgrimur P. Helgason)

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