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In France, very few books have been written on the subject of Depeche Mode. It's not as if they hadn't marked history : for 37 years now the pioneers from Basildon have spread an unique sound, and the world tour following the release of Delta Machine proved that this British trio carry on galvanizing stadiums from one continent to another.


Strengthened by this fact, Stephanie Lopez – who literally grew up with the band, decided  to follow the tracks of her favourite electrons. "Try walking in my shoes" says one of the Songs Of Faith And Devotion : well that's exactly what the writer did. From Basildon to the Stade de France, through the studios where their first records were recorded, the author-fan relates her "devotional" peregrinations, by virtually walking in the boots of the Modes.


Unusual encounters, meaningful milestones, gonzo’riginal reports, musical exchanges… Through a kind of Personal Journal & Journey, the author highlights the philosophical values and the "soul-lifting" messages delivered by DM. Looking for the quintessence of the Depeche Monde, this book puts to light their favourite themes, putting also each of the band's albums into its historical and cultural context.

B O O K   O F   F A I T H   A N D   D E V O T I O N


D e p e ch e   M o d e    f r o m    B a s i l d o n    t o   t h e   S t a d e   d e   F r a n c e


© Stéphanie Lopez

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