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© Rik Jundi

A b o u t   m e   -   m y   d a n c e r   p a t h

I've created this workshop as a safe and sacred space devoted to conscious and creativity in motion. My purpose is to enhance your own free dance as a pathway towards Self-awareness, to know who and what you are.


As a kind of "dancing life coach", I’m truly passionate about giving you keys and tools to progress in your life.


My strenght is my experience; I only teach things from which I've enjoyed long-lasting benefits myself.


Thus, my proposal is based on the solid foundations of a lifetime of practice. I started ballet school when I was three and did ballet for 11 years. Then I did contemporary dance, till I discovered electronic music, Djing and rave culture. I spent my 90's dancing freer in rave parties, exploring some state of trance which induced a spiritual awakening. So began my quest for the inner Grail. By realising the elevating potential of a body-movement practice, I started doing yoga and sophrology, to make progress towards the body-spirit Unity.


Professionally, the rave culture had such an impact on me that I've had a career as a music writer for more than 20 years.


My first novel, 'La Tectonique des rêves', is dedicated to the rave scene and to the power of dance. By the way, it's interesting to note that some fictional things happening in the book occurred in my real life, like a kind of "self-prophecy". This is notably the case when the heroine, Eva, meets an Indonesian witch doctor who makes her realise how she's often 'off with the fairies' while she's dancing. He teaches her a special practice to bring her feet on the ground, and access her dancer's powers.

'La Tectonique des rêves' : pages 238-239

Ten years after having written 'La Tectonique des rêves', I've met a shaman who helped me to be anchored in my body. Thanks to a special training with percussions, he taught me how to ground my feet in the merciless rigour of the rhythm, and get the necessary discipline to be a free spirit.


I assiduously continued this rooting work by practicing longo, an initiation dance from Congo. My interest in shamanism grew at the same time, leading me to some sweat lodges, rituals and circles of medicine, where I've learned healing dances and songs from the Lakota's tribe.


As a natural continuation to shamanic teachings I delved into the School Of Movement Medicine when I moved to the UK in 2016. I've also practiced the 5Rhythms dance with Clare Backwell during the weekly classes in Manchester. Dancing the 5Rhythms has provided me new keys to access the subtle bodies language. It was a decisive step towards my commitment as a holistic dance teacher.

Beyond the dance itself, I've also been into spiritual, healing studies and practices for more than 20 years. Throughout my life journey, I've learned to use different tools and techniques (Tarot de Marseille, astrology, sophrology, meditation, chakras harmonisation, healing sounds and frequencies...)


So the time has come to use all these sources of wisdom as a whole.


As nothing makes me happier than dancing and feeling helpful to people, I feel called to help others through dance.

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© Rik Jundi
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