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WHITE RAVEN (demo)De Stijl feat. Eva D. Lysid
00:00 / 03:50

Music by De Stijl

Lyrics and vocals by me

Recording assistance by Jez Kerr

winter hill4.JPG

W h i t e    R a v e n

If you want to see a sign you can just drop a little line

If you're up to cross the line you'd better be sure to be mine


The day has come to burn the leaden, prison past

To turn the black burden into a white raven

If you want to hold my hand you'd better dream on

Green land

The knell has rung for hidden demon you hallow

The gloom has sung from your inner heavy shadow

Chin up dear dissolve despair

Run away from sneaky snare

Turn up trumps and trust your flair

Take off, take care!


Clear the air go to prepare

The next stage as steady stair

Time to leave your sleepy lair

Breathe some fresh air!


Cheer up dear go to play fair

Raise your vibe and be aware

For anything that grants your prayer

There's a right fare!


Getting through the dark night of your soul

You've got all you need to face the pitfall

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