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A r e

 W h a t' s    h o l i s t i c    d a n c e ?

Holistic dance is a pathway to rooting, mindfulness and fulfilment. It combines the down-to-earth teachings of shamanism with a creative, meditative body-movement practice to lead us to the famous "Know Thyself".

Dancing is not only good for invigorating our body, our brain and our mood. Beyond its many physical benefits, dance also acts on our subtle bodies (energy body, emotional body, mental body). It is through this holistic approach that I invite you to dance.


Holism theory considers every aspect of a person as an indivisible whole.

Dancing with this in mind makes us realise our unity; it's both a joyful and a pragmatical way to fuse the Spirit with the Matter.


Thus, we can experience that we are more than a physical body.

We are energy in movement – an energy which circulates in our chakras and through our different subtle bodies. When the energy doesn't flow well, it induces some dysfunctions and imbalances. This is why holistic dance is helpful, as a body-spirit rebalancing tool.


Indeed, dancing is perfect to harmonise our energy flow, to be aligned in our Earth-Sky axis, to be present in our body, aware of the way we move, feel and respond to the music. The techniques taught are simple, in order to get this mindfulness to oneself called rooting – or anchor to the present moment.


To have both feet on the ground is the key point. The base of any spiritual work is to be rooted in the Earth to incarnate the Spirit in the body. This is why we dance by using the rhythm as the anchor point, to master the rooting basics (awareness of our feet on the ground, our whole Being present in the "here and now").


If it may seem paradoxical that dance roots us, this is all the more important as rooting, ironically, enables us to develop our mobility in these chaotic and destructured times.


Clearly, we are in a shift era, during which the drastic increase in Earth frequencies (Schumann resonance) requires to raise our own vibratory level. Like a tree shaken by a storm, the more the energies intensify, the more it's necessary to be deeply rooted to remain standing and stable. The more we're rooted, the less we're destabilised, and the more we can benefit from these powerful, ascentional energies to elevate ourselves. Therefore, this workshop attaches great importance to rooting, and to raise our vibratory rate.

The powers of dance also enable us to:

  • transmute subconscious blocks and negative emotions

  • get the discipline to enjoy more freedom

  • develop our self-confidence

  • enhance our creativity

  • increase our magnetism

  • extend our individual consciousness to the collective consciousness

  • develop the yin part in ourselves to increase our receptivity, our intuition, and thus, access our Sacred Feminine.

NB: This is a last-but-not-least point, because most of the major spiritual currents say that our era means time for the return to Mother Earth and to the Sacred Feminity.

In these times which invite all of us to cultivate our yin part, dancing is a powerful way to embody the divine feminine values, such as receptivity, accepting and letting go. In this state of openness we're able to receive the inspiration in the etymological sense of the word: in spiritus - the Spirit in us.

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It lightens our path as dancing lightens our burdens, making us lighter.

Like the alchemist who turns lead into gold, we dance to transmute our inner shadows into light(ness).

We peel back layers, lay masks down, and dance till ego dissolves and the true Self emerges.


Holistic dance is a trance-formative experience to connect ourselves to others,

to the Earth and the Sky, to the physicality and the invisible.

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