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C a l l   T h e   M i r a c l e

© Sam Artigau photography

From the different cities where

I've had so much courage

Where I gave too much energy

To the ones who didn't deserve my dream


I call for the miracle


If there's a gesture to show

How big is the love I need

How huge is what I can give

I would draw the dance

Of double galaxies


Should we meet God again

To commune with infinity

Or shall we meet instead?


From my open immensity

Who knows yours is also

Unable to narrow

I call your memory


I've heard you feel my sorrow

I'm the ghost outside your window

But there's nothing to worry about

A broken heart

You know what

It means: it's open

Enough to receive

True love revealed

Through my golden vase:

The almighty fragility


You won't fill any gap

If you allow the sacred sap

To honour the completeness

The divine taste of our depth.



From the different countries where

I've dreamt too much

I'm aware

It has been painful enough

To be the victim of desire,

Shadow plays around bonfire


I call for reality


I took so much care to protect my dream

Projected on different faces

Always black & blue

And I was always on the case

Just in case it would have been you


I claim for the lucid mirror

To show me what is true

I call for the warm protector

Wherever is the rendezvous


When the yearning of your soul is ready

To unite the snakes in our spines

Our atoms in Alcyone

Just recall to call for me


There's a promise here to settle

That's always bound to happen

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